50 Years of the Luckins Database

An Information Revolution

Luckins EPRIn April 1966 the Luckins Electrical Price Reporter for wholesalers and contractors was first published. I’ll skip the usual stuff about Twiggy and Revolver and the 60s and tell you the significance of the Luckins.

In the age of Google, we think nothing of searching numerous web sites for product information. Some, like Amazon, gather it all together for us. Now it really is quite easy to find out about nearly anything. I am currently looking for a new phone – with the aid of Carphone Warehouse, O2, Tech Radar and Pocket Lint, I will be well informed about prices and specs before I even go in the shop!

Back in the 60s, life was very different, with electrical wholesalers and contractors relying on manufacturers’ printed catalogues and price lists. Understandably, if just a few items changed in price, you were unlikely to hear about it. In an era of inconsistent inflation, it was Continue reading 50 Years of the Luckins Database