Update: 24th June 2016
Perhaps the Brexit result is a clear reminder that all elected politicians must act in the best interests of their constituencies, not just for themselves and their cronies.
This is surely the root of the dissatisfaction with the EU felt right across Europe – people no longer think governments or the EU are interested in their problems.

The first casualty of war is the truth…

European Union Flag

…as the old saying goes. And that’s what I am thinking, as I try to reach a dispassionate, logical answer to the question: should we stay in the EU or should we leave?

There is an awful lot of emotion on both sides.  But how much informed debate is there?  Each day, another group lists a series of compelling “facts” about whether we should leave or stay.  It seems that most people have formed an opinion and are then finding or fitting facts to support that opinion. Continue reading Brexit