Email Marketing

Email your customers and prospects and know who has looked at your email

InternetWe work with leading email service providers to deliver top quality email marketing campaigns that really work.

Email marketing often gets a bad press, due to the excess of spam email that circulates the globe. However, a genuine campaign, properly targeted to customers and prospects can deliver great results.

In fact, at the recent ebiz conference in Nottingham, one of the speakers, a leading social media practitioner said:

“People want me to talk about Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Google+ because it’s sexy. But actually, the single e-marketing activity that really gets the best return on investment is an ‘old-fashioned’ email campaign.”

This is not simply a case of “doing an email in Outlook and sending it bcc:” to all and sundry. Please don’t do this! – it can have disastrous consequences for your office emails and internet service provider.

Instead, we offer properly planned campaigns, with clear objectives and results, including:

  • selling more
  • building lists
  • building community
  • seeing who actually looks at your emails

And much more…

If you would like to discuss how targeted email marketing can help to build your business, please contact us.