Internet Development

Internet Development

Does your web site really give you the results that you want?

InternetIs your web site an integral part of your company’s marketing and customer service strategy, or is it simply an add on? If you are considering a new web site or refreshing your existing web site, we can help.

We work on the principle that any web site must reflect the business needs (“Commercial Objectives”) of the customer and that these business needs then drive the design and technology used to build that web site. We offer a range of custom web site services including:

  • business analysis and complete development of a new web site, tailor made to your specific needs
  • development of “mini web sites” for customers or suppliers, as part of your own site

Results Driven Process

Our comprehensive web development service is focused on getting the right results for your business: our Commercial Objectives approach enables development resources to be applied where they will get the best return for your investment.

The full service includes:

  • Initial business analysis, identifying commercial objectives for the web site
  • Definition of web site requirements that will deliver the commercial objectives
  • Web site development and testing
  • Response Monitoring to identify which areas generate the most interest and then fine tune accordingly

Increase Market Awareness

Promotion of your new web site, through search engines, press and internet advertising and e-mail campaigns will drive traffic to your web site. Visitors to your web site will quickly be able to see the range of products and services offered, as well as details of new products, sales promotions and company news.

Enhance Customer Service

Your web site can also be used to provide customers and prospects with valuable technical information, which can include service and maintenance advice, product specifications, training and general technical information. Customers can also log service calls or technical queries.

As well as helping to enhance your service reputation, repeat visitors to your site will also see your latest product information, so that when they need new or additional equipment or services, your company will be prominent in their decision making process.

Commercial Objectives

Your web site only exists to meet your Commercial Objectives for your organisation. For more information on this vital factor, please see our Commercial Objectives page.

Response Monitoring

To ensure the best return on investment, the response must be carefully measured. As well as technical measures such as page views and files downloaded, small samples of users can be surveyed for their feedback. However, the most important measures will be the response in the context of the stated Commercial Objectives, which may include:

  1. Increased Enquiry Levels
  2. Increased Sales
  3. Increase Market Awareness
  4. Improved Customer Service
  5. Reduced Customer Complaints
  6. Reduced Load On Helpdesk

Clear definitions for Response Monitoring must be produced at the outset – when the Commercial Objectives are defined.

The actual content of the site will vary with each customer – for further insight into how your web site might look please see the Commercial Objectives and Website Requirements pages.

If you would like to discuss your web site, please contact us.