Marketing Consultancy

Fast track your market and product development with Accuvista

StrategyWe assist companies to identify and understand new market opportunities and develop and implement plans to maximise those opportunities.

This frequently means the introduction of new products and services, but can also involve restructuring the organisation to make the best use of existing resources or the introduction of new technology.

Economy holding you back?

In today’s tough economic environment, budgets for new projects are often greatly reduced. However, this need not be a barrier to new developments – we always endeavour to offer excellent value to our customers and because we do not have high overheads we are often able to achieve surprising results. We have a pragmatic approach to delivering results for our customers that really works.

How We Add Value

Our objective is simple: to add value to your organisation.

In general, we work on a project basis so that you can see the benefit of the project, secure in the knowledge that your costs have been clearly defined.

Our method is straightforward:

  • to identify and understand the issues that you face
  • to propose suitable solutions
  • to help you implement those solutions
  • to transfer skills and techniques where appropriate during the implementation
  • to build a lasting relationship so that we are able to help further when necessary

If you have product, marketing or change management issues that would benefit from an external perspective, please contact us for further information.