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Revive your old web site

Website RescueThis is no joke – many web sites just do not meet their owner’s expectations. Sometimes a large budget has been spent for no discernible advantage or perhaps it was “done by a mate”. On other occasions, the Commercial Objectives have not been clearly defined and the web site functions acceptably, but it does not deliver for the business.

There are a number of reasons why web sites fail to perform. Do any of these apply to your web presence?

  • Unclear Commercial Objectives – we don’t know what we want from our web site, we just know we should have one
  • Over elaborate – both the look and feel of the design and the technology used
  • Under performing technology – little or no development budget and no resources to maintain the finished result
  • No integration – the web site sits own on its own, unco-ordinated with developments in the rest of the business, when it should really be at the centre of customer service delivery

Combinations of the above factors can lead to a disastrous web site, which in turn can have a severe impact on your brand and business reputation.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression

We all know this – this is why your web site is so important – it is often the first contact than a potential customer will have with your business. So – let’s make a good first impression!

Anyone can build a web site with the tools available now

Well, yes – anyone can build a web site, but will it meet your Commercial Objectives? Have you even decided what you want from this investment?

Class of 2011 or 12?

Is your web site up to date? Are there any signs of life over the last 12 months? How does an out of date web site reflect on your business?

Make it an integral part of your business

The internet has evolved so much in the past 10 years that any business can now have a successful, cost-effective web presence.

We have worked with many companies whose web sites needed updating or replacing. By focusing on the essential Commercial Objectives and agreeing an appropriate development and maintenance budget, we have been able to deliver real value to these customers.

How is Accuvista different?

First and foremost, we are business people. We understand the needs of growing businesses and we focus primarily on these needs. We won’t even talk about the technology with you (unless you want us to!).

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