Who controls your domain name?

This is a business issue as well as a technical issue

Your business may well be reliant on your domain name – even traditional manufacturers are now finding that as much as 90% of new business comes via their web site.  So – you need to get this right.

You may own your domain name, when you look at Whois or similar, you can see that it is registered in your business’s name. But… do you actually control it?

The problem is quite common – you are not technically minded, but you know that you need a web site for your business, so you ask your IT support company / a friend / your PA / your teenage son to register the domain for you. Here’s where the problem starts – if you move to a new IT support company, your PA leaves or your son goes backpacking in the far east, you will no longer be able to make changes to the DNS records for the domain name.

So why is this important?

The DNS records control your web site and your email set-up for your business, as well as other potential tools like Skype for Business and so on.

So, if you don’t control your domain name, you can’t make any operating changes – even simple ones like changing your office server or your web hosting. You are stuck with your current set up.

No domain renewal

Furthermore, if the credit card used by the person who registered the domain for you expires, you may not even be able to renew the domain.

How do I fix this?

Firstly – always retain control of your domain name. To register a domain name is very simple: you only need to know the name (‘fredscafe.co.uk’ etc.), then create an account with a reputable supplier – there are many good service providers out there. Just Google ‘domain name registration’ to see what I mean.

If you are still unsure, you can get your IT supplier / PA / friend to do this with you – but use your email address and your credit card, so all the login, billing and renewal emails will come to you. This way you retain control.

Secondly – if you are already stuck, the UK domain registration body Nominet may be able to help. If you can prove ownership of the domain, they should be able to give you re-set codes so that you can regain control of your domain. There may be a charge for this – see more here: Nominet.

But you have already registered my domains for me?

Yes, this is true – we have registered numerous domains on behalf of our customers. But we always try to respond promptly to requests for DNS changes and are more than happy to transfer domain control back to a customer whenever this is required.