Brand Confusion or Clarity?

Can your customers find the information they need?

Your company has many successful brands, but do customers find it hard to obtain information about the particular product or brand that they are interested in?

How does this happen?

Through merger, acquisition or organic growth, companies may acquire many different brands. Over time these brands develop identities of their own and customers tend to associate different values with different brands. Furthermore they may not be interested in or even aware of the other brands that are in the same portfolio.

In many sectors, some brands or products may no longer be current, and yet there is still a large user base for these products with a lucrative maintenance or spare parts business derived from these loyal customers.

It therefore makes sense for the parent company to retain individual brand identities in order to retain customer loyalty. However, these brand identities can often conflict with each other and the overall image that the parent company is trying to project. Pressure from investors, looking for easy to understand investments, may lead to efforts to try to resolve the confusion, often with disastrous results.

Belonging to a larger group can therefore have pros and cons for the customer: the individual brands can benefit from access to greater financial stability and research & development expertise, yet too often the all important brand values, built up over many years, are lost through insensitive re-branding. The brand no longer means the same thing – the customer starts to go elsewhere.

Resolve these issues

It is important to address these issues so that all brands are an asset to the business – not a liability.

We’ve developed a marketing process that enables brands to retain their individual values and identities, yet at the same time benefit from the resources of a larger group. Using this process, confusion becomes clarity and customers can quickly find the information that they need about individual products or brands. This need not be a costly development and implemented carefully will increase brand awareness and customer retention levels.

If you would like to know more about our Brand Clarity process, please contact us for further details.