Simple Brexit Solution

The dismal progress of our negotiations to leave the EU is most disheartening.

It is clear that the Prime Minister will be most unlikely to arrive at a proposal that suits both the Leavers and Remainers, and then the EU negotiators.  The behaviour of some of our MPs, who have been elected to represent the people, is little short of disgraceful.  References to “the will of the people” are ridiculous, as this only refers to 52% of the electorate who voted.  Or maybe “the will of the people” is the other 48%?  Who knows?

Brexit is the most important issue facing the country since the Second World War and the outcome of these negotiations will affect us all for many years to come.  If we continue in the same fractious, factional way, the outcome will be disastrous.  With no clear majority in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister has no room for manoeuvre if she continues to act on party lines.

So she must show a bit of imagination and a lot of courage – she needs to form a cross party group to devise a suitable Brexit policy that will be acceptable to most people.

Voting in the Referendum was not on party lines, so implementing a successful Brexit does not need to be on party lines.  Brexit needs to make use of all available talents, much like the Second World War.  A partnership of May and Corbyn is not quite as inspiring as Churchill and Attlee, but if sincere good intentions were shown by all involved, we could still reach a decent outcome.

If this is unacceptable to the hard Brexiteers and they decide to bring the government down, then so be it.  They will have proved that they are acting in their own narrow interests and not the greater good.  However, the counter to such a move would be the moderate Leavers in the Government crossing the floor to vote with the Opposition on matters relating to Brexit.

Does this all sound a bit complicated, or even naïve?  Well may be, but the country is now in a hole of its own making and we need to stop these politicians digging us in deeper.

If we are to leave the EU, we must make a better job of it.  So Mrs May and Mr Corbyn – are you up for it?